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What if shots fiyerd wasn't about 2 spaceships, but 3?

Well let's talk about that!

When you look at shots fiyerd (it’s a few pages back so please go read it if you haven't) you'll notice a very concrete pattern. With the exception of the intro and the end, the entire story consists of one ship fiyering followed by the uther ship getting hit. The entire story is this way, so logically the story would need to start with a ship fiyering, right?

Well... It doesn't.

No, the cycle does not starts with a ship fiyering... It starts with one being hit.

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(From shots fiyerd)

"... and then it saw another spaceship. and then POF! the spaceship got hit..."

In this sentence the alien spaceship sees the ship, and then the ship gets hit. In a story that is always strictly "fiyer > therp" this blatant lack of one of the ships fiyering sticks out like a sore thumb. If the alien spaceship didn't fiyer... The only way the ship would have gotten hit is if there was another unnamed spaceship that fiyerd at the ship.

Sound crazy? Well... It's not!

According to the next few lines...

"... then the spaceship fiyerd back then POW! the alien space ship got hit. then the alien spaceship got mad and then it fiyerd back and then CRACK! the spaceship got hit..."

Here you read that the ship "fiyerd back" and hit the alien ship, followed by the alien spaceship... Getting... mad?

... MAD!?

Of all the logical responses, it GOT MAD!?

Remember, the ship "fiyerd back". The currently accepted truth is that the alien ship fiyerd, the uther ship fiyerd back, and then the alien ship- the ship that supposedly fiyerd first- got mad.

This makes no sense... Unless...

What if it didn't fiyer first? What if, in the alien ship's point of view, the ship fiyerd without provocation?

What if all of this was instagated by a third ship? A ship that fiyerd at the uther ship causing it to fiyer at the alien ship- the unknown threat that has just flown into view?

... What if shots fiyerd is actually a beautiful story about a misunderstanding between 2 ships that causes war, suffering, and death?

But hey... That's just a theory. A Shots Fiyerd theory!

and that means my name can also be pronounced as BEplaysMC


Shots Fiyerd Theory!

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